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OramaWorld.com was founded over 20 years ago and is today one of the oldest and highly trusted online shops for church supplies and sacred art. In our store you will find a handpicked selection of religious items including different kinds of Byzantine Icons, Blessing & Pectoral Crosses, incense burners, Gospel covers, chalice sets and other hand crafted liturgical vessels. Moreover, we provide exclusively the ATHONIKON orthodox frankincense from Mount Athos, offered in 33 fragrances.

OramaWorld.com operates online since the turn of the century and serves customers in more than 90 countries worldwide. A Network of more than 200 affiliated ecclesiastical stores around the world, known as OramaWorld Shops, serve customers locally. You may find the ones closer to you by using the map or the listings directory below.

If you are a local eccleiastical store (Gift Shop, Bookstore, Monastery Store) you are welcomed to join the OramaWorld Shops Network by opening a business account.

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