Shipping Info & Rates

OramaWorld ships internationally. The shipping cost depends on the weight of the items you are purchasing along with the location of where your package is being shipped to.

You can choose either United States Post Services International Air Mail Service, UPS Worldwide Delivery UPS Expedited or UPS Worldwide Delivery UPS Express for shipping.

International Air Mail Service (approx. 7-10 days for delivery)
Weight Cost
0.02Kg 5.00USD
0.05Kg 6.00USD
0.1Kg 7.00USD
0.25Kg 9.00USD
0.5Kg 13.00USD
1Kg 18.00USD
2Kg 29.00USD
3Kg 49.00USD
4Kg 58.00USD
5Kg 66.00USD
6Kg 75.00USD
7Kg 84.00USD
8Kg 93.00USD
9Kg 102.00USD
10Kg 110.00USD
11Kg 119.00USD
12Kg 128.00USD
13Kg 137.00USD
14Kg 146.00USD
15Kg 154.00USD
16Kg 163.00USD
17Kg 172.00USD
18Kg 181.00USD
19Kg 190.00USD
20Kg 198.00USD
UPS Expedited Service (approx. 4-6 days for delivery)
Weight Cost
1Kg 87.80USD
1.5Kg 102.60USD
2Kg 117.30USD
2.5Kg 132.10USD
3Kg 141.90USD
3.5Kg 151.70USD
4Kg 161.50USD
4.5Kg 171.30USD
5Kg 181.20USD
5.5Kg 186.90USD
6Kg 192.70USD
6.5Kg 198.50USD
7Kg 204.30USD
7.5Kg 210.10USD
8Kg 215.90USD
8.5Kg 221.70USD
9Kg 227.40USD
9.5Kg 233.20USD
10Kg 239.00USD
11Kg 249.10USD
12Kg 259.30USD
13Kg 269.40USD
14Kg 279.60USD
15Kg 289.70USD
16Kg 299.80USD
17Kg 310.00USD
18Kg 320.10USD
19Kg 330.30USD
20Kg 340.40USD
22Kg 356.50USD
24Kg 372.60USD
26Kg 388.80USD
28Kg 419.10USD
30Kg 435.80USD
35Kg 488.00USD
40Kg 540.30USD
45Kg 592.50USD
50Kg 644.80USD
55Kg 697.10USD
60Kg 749.30USD
65Kg 801.60USD
70Kg 853.80USD
UPS Express Service (approx. 2-3 days for delivery)
Weight Cost
1Kg 105.40USD
1.5Kg 123.10USD
2Kg 140.80USD
2.5Kg 158.50USD
3Kg 170.30USD
3.5Kg 182.00USD
4Kg 193.80USD
4.5Kg 205.60USD
5Kg 217.40USD
5.5Kg 224.30USD
6Kg 231.20USD
6.5Kg 238.20USD
7Kg 245.20USD
7.5Kg 252.10USD
8Kg 259.10USD
8.5Kg 266.00USD
9Kg 272.90USD
9.5Kg 279.80USD
10Kg 286.80USD
11Kg 298.90USD
12Kg 311.20USD
13Kg 323.30USD
14Kg 335.50USD
15Kg 347.60USD
16Kg 359.80USD
17Kg 372.00USD
18Kg 384.10USD
19Kg 396.40USD
20Kg 408.50USD
22Kg 427.80USD
24Kg 447.10USD
26Kg 466.60USD
28Kg 502.90USD
30Kg 523.00USD
35Kg 585.60USD
40Kg 648.40USD
45Kg 711.00USD
50Kg 773.80USD
55Kg 836.50USD
60Kg 899.20USD
65Kg 961.90USD
70Kg 1024.60USD
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