Crelics Hat - Kalpaki


Clerics Hat ( Kalpaki in Greek). For the measurments is very imporant to have the top heads diameter. During the checkout process there is a comments text box where you should complete the above measurements.

Доступные изменения:

Size Вес Цена
58cm - Large (L) 0,75 kg(s) $85.00USD
57cm - Medium (M) 0,75 kg(s) $85.00USD
56cm - Medium (M) 0,75 kg(s) $85.00USD
62cm - Extra Extra Large (XXL) 0,75 kg(s) $85.00USD
61cm - Extra Large (XL) 0,75 kg(s) $85.00USD
60cm - Extra Large (XL) 0,75 kg(s) $85.00USD
59cm - Large (L) 0,75 kg(s) $85.00USD
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Товар был добавлен в наш каталог Воскресенье 06 Октябрь, 2002.
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