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The Engolpion is considered as emblem of Bishop degree in the Orthodox Church and has been established by Royal Decree in 1856. It is usually oval-shaped with enameled icon that shows either Christ Blessing or the Virgin Mary (in which case the engolpion is called «Panagia»).

The enamel making is from a technique that have been invented in Byzantium. The icon is set against a gold or silver plated background decorated with semi-precious stones, in a very detailed pattern to bring a very beautiful and artistic outcome following the Orthodox Tradition.

The engolpion symbolizes the value of pure heart and the seal of confession and faith. Is alleged with golden chain from the neck of the bishop on the chest at all times when either divine or not.

You can choose the material and the color from the options provided and is offered in a velvet case with the chain for the neck

Размеры: 20x11 cm (8x4 inches)

Availability: Сделано на заказ, как правило, поставляется в течение от 14 до 21 дней.

Please choose one from the available options shown below:
Material - Color Вес Цена
Silver 950 with Gold Plated finish0.8$1,450.00USD $1,160.00USD
Silver0.8$1,450.00USD $1,160.00USD
Silver Two Color Finish (Gold & Silver Plated)0.8$1,500.00USD $1,202.50USD
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