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Fresh bee pollen is a super nutritious food, which will give you the necessary fuel for your body. Rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, lipids and fatty acids, it is the perfect natural tonic straight from the Mount Athos Pharmacy!

Properties: 1. It reduces inflammation: its anti-inflammatory activity is compared to drugs and can be used in cases of chronic inflammatory conditions, initial degenerative conditions, liver diseases and toxicity. 2. Pollen acts as a strong antioxidant. Recent studies have revealed that bee pollen is extremely beneficial for patients undergoing various diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and hypertension. The antioxidant properties of pollen were measured in a 2005 study, and researchers found that it has remarkable antioxidant activity! 3. It protects against liver toxicity: pollen effectively protects against oxidative stress while promoting the healing of liver damage that is caused by toxicity. 4. Pollen Boosts the Immune System. It has strong antimicrobial and antiviral properties and is a natural allergy fighter. 5. It serves as a dietary supplement. Bee pollen can be used as a natural dietary supplement. Its high nutritional value can be extremely helpful when given to children who have a lack of appetite or experience a developmental delay. 6. Relieves Menopausal Symptoms. Researchers suggest that bee pollen can be offered to women who have failed to respond to other alternatives to cope with postmenopausal symptoms. Pollen has also been found to prevent breast cancer! 7. It Helps Relieve Stress. Its unique nutritional and tonic properties boost mental capacity and strengthen the nervous system that may be weakened by stress. That makes it one of the most effective natural stress relievers. It may be particularly useful for people with a lack of energy, especially the elderly. Even small doses of bee pollen over an extended period of time can improve mood and physical endurance, thereby strengthening one’s desire to live! 8. Promotes Healing. Pollen helps improve blood circulation and skin moisture. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic action of flavonoids in bee pollen helps relieve pain. Pollen also helps prevent infection because of its antimicrobial activity, allowing a wound or burn to heal quickly.

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