Blessing Crosses

A Blessing Cross is a hand cross held by a priest or bishop in Eastern Christianity when he gives a benediction. It is often made of precious metal and may be adorned with enamelwork, and precious or semi-precious gemstones. It may also have other icons on it, such as the Theotokos (Mother of God), John the Baptist, the Four Evangelists or Prophets.
In the Eastern Orthodox Church and those Eastern Catholic Churches which follow the Byzantine Rite, the hand cross is kept on the Holy Table (altar) and used at certain moments during the liturgy, most noticeably at the dismissal when he holds it in his right hand as he gives the final blessing. After the dismissal of the Divine Liturgy (Eucharist) all of the faithful come forward to kiss the cross. The blessing cross used by these churches often has an icon of the Crucifixion of Jesus on it, together with the letters IC XC NIKA (meaning, 'Jesus Christ Conquers'). Blessing crosses may also be two-sided, having an icon of the Crucifixion on one side and an icon of the Resurrection on the other. The side with the Resurrection would be held out towards the people on Sundays and throughout the afterfeast of Pascha (Easter).

Our Blessing Crosses are made by experienced craftsmen whose talent and love for the art of worship offer a guarantee for responsible work of top standards. They are art masterpieces made of brass or silver 925, golden plated 24k as well as platinum plated. The decorative stones are precious gems or semi-precious of high quality.
Blessing Crosses

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Blessing Cross - 1001-09

Код товара SID_1001-09

Blessing Cross - 1001-10

Код товара SID_1001-10

Blessing Cross - 1001-11

Код товара SID_1001-11

Blessing Cross - 1001-110

Код товара SID_1001-110

Blessing Cross - 1001-111

Код товара SID_1001-111

Blessing Cross - 1001-113

Код товара SID_1001-113

Blessing Cross - 1001-114

Код товара SID_1001-114

Blessing Cross - 1001-115

Код товара SID_1001-115

Blessing Cross - 1001-116

Код товара SID_1001-116

Blessing Cross - 1001-117

Код товара SID_1001-117

Blessing Cross - 1001-118

Код товара SID_1001-118

Blessing Cross - 1001-119

Код товара SID_1001-119

Blessing Cross - 1001-122

Код товара SID_1001-122

Blessing Cross - 1001-13

Код товара SID_1001-13

Blessing Cross - 1001-15

Код товара SID_1001-15

Blessing Cross - 1001-69

Код товара SID_1001-69

Blessing Cross - 1001-70

Код товара SID_1001-70

Blessing Cross Anastatic

Код товара XAX_36_264

Blessing Cross Byzantine Design - 106
Blessing Cross Byzantine Design with Enamel
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