Baptismal Fonts

Our workshop has more than 45 years experience in making hand carved Baptismal Fonts. They are made from copper and can be chromium plated. You can choose between the different sizes as well as the plated metal.
Baptismal Fonts

Пожалуйста, нажмите на один из продуктов показано ниже, чтобы посмотреть варианты, которые имеются:

Baptismal and Holy Water Font with Spigots
Baptismal Font - 1004-01

Код товара SID_1004-01

Baptismal Font 80lt - 0904

Код товара SID_0904

Baptismal Font 90lt - 0903

Код товара SID_0903

Baptismal Font from Chromium

Код товара PAS_45

Baptismal Font from Copper

Код товара PAS_23

Hand Carved Chromium Baptismal Font
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