Ecclesiastical Chalice Sets

Communion, the greatest spiritual moment of Christ offering and sharing Himself to the Humanity.
The complete set includes:
The Communion Cup that symbolizes the Cup in Last Supper when Christ offered wine to his students.
The Paten where Holy Bread is placed for the Communion offering as well as for preparation.
The Asterisk in a cross formation that is placed on the top of the paten to prevent the Cover to touch the paten's surface.
The Spoon that is used for the offering of the Holy Communion.
The Lance that is used for cutting of the Holy Bread.
The designs as well as the production is being made according to the Byzantine tradition, hand made. Can be produced gold platted 24K, pure silver 950 or Enamel.
Ecclesiastical Chalice Sets

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Chalice Set  Russian Design - 124

Код товара MRN_124

Chalice Set  Russian Design - 125

Код товара MRN_125

Chalice Set  Russian Design - 127

Код товара MRN_127

Chalice Set  Russian Design - 128

Код товара MRN_128

Chalice Set  with Enamel Russian Design - 126AA
Chalice Set - 1003-04

Код товара SID_1003-04

Chalice Set 1000ml - 0325

Код товара SID_0325

Chalice Set 1000ml - 0326

Код товара SID_0326

Chalice Set 1000ml - 1003-19

Код товара SID_1003-19

Chalice Set 1000ml - 1003-20

Код товара SID_1003-20

Chalice Set 250ml - 0304

Код товара SID_0304

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