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20 Years Online Presence Celebration
OramaWorld celebrates 20 years of online presence, being the oldest Orthodox Christian Online Shop, and offers an extra 5% discount to all our clients (coupon code: 20YEARS). Read more...

20 Years Online Presence Celebration, Discount, Coupons Published on Friday 20 November, 2020.

Handmade Metal Icons Brand New Collection
OramaWorld proudly presents the brand new collection of Handmade Metal Icons from Mount Athos oak wood! Read more...

Handmade Metal Icons, Mount Athos Published on Tuesday 25 June, 2019.

New Collection of Silver Cross Pendants for Neck & Cufflinks
Paired with beautiful Cufflinks, the new Cross Pendants for Neck for the neck are unique crafts of art made from Silver 925, designed by our experienced craftsmen, being inspired by Byzantine Art and Orthodox Tradition. Read more...

Cross Pendants for Neck, Cufflinks, Byzantine Art, Orthodox Tradition Published on Sunday 15 April, 2018.

New Pectoral Crosses Collection
Our new collection of Pectoral Crosses consists of carvings made ​​from Silver 925, crafted by our experienced craftsmen, whose more than thirty-five years of experience, talent and love the art of worship is a guarantee for responsible, high-quality work. Read more...

Pectoral Crosses, Archiepiscopal Engolpion Published on Monday 05 February, 2018.

New Wood Carved Iconostasis Collection
Our new Wood Carved Iconostasis collection includes more than 20 unique designs for all the major themes of Orthodox religion. Read more...

Wood Carved Iconostasis Published on Friday 28 October, 2016.

New Hieratical Jackets & Vests Collection
Our new collection includes more than 15 Jackets & Vests in various types and sizes to choose from, in really affordable prices. Read more...

Hieratical Jackets, Hieratical Vests Published on Tuesday 18 October, 2016.

Handmade Orthodox Vestments Brand New Collection
Our new Handmade Orthodox Vestments collection includes more than 100 unique designs for all three ranks of clergy, Bishops, Priests and Deacons. Read more...

Orthodox Vestments, Bishops Vestments, Clerical Vestments, Diaconal Vestments Published on Friday 16 September, 2016.

New Wood Carved Icons Collection
OramaWorld proudly presents the brand new collection of Orthodox Wood Carved Icons. The icons are a beautiful choice, either for the home iconostasis, or to be offered as a present! Read more...

Wood Carved Icons, Wood Carved iconostasis Published on Wednesday 17 August, 2016.

Home Vigil Candles Brand New Collection
Our new Home Vigil Candles collection includes more than 60 vigil candles in various colours and sizes to choose from, in really affordable prices. Read more...

Home Oil Lamps, Home Vigil Candles Published on Tuesday 08 September, 2015.

The Icon of Saint Paisios of Mount Athos has been added in our collection!

Saint Paisios, Byzantine Icons, Mount Athos Published on Tuesday 17 February, 2015.

We are excited to offer you ATHONIKON, our new Mount Athos handmade frankincense, offered in 33 fragrances and in boxes of 100gr & 1kgr, as well as in a special gift boxset of 6x100gr of premium quality.
ATHONIKON frankincense supports the restoration efforts for the historic sacred Koutloumousiano "Cell of Great Holy Virgin Mary - Megalis Panagias" in Mount Athos.

Frankincense, Mount Athos, Cell of Great Holy Virgin Mary Published on Sunday 13 April, 2014.

Silk Printed & Handmade Metal Icons
New categories of unique quality Byzantine Icons have been launched with very special prices!

Silk Printed Icons, Handmade Metal Icons Published on Tuesday 04 October, 2011.

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