Holy Vestment Design 51 - Liturgical Fabric


Finest Liturgical Fabric that can be used to make Vestments and other Ecclesiastical Garments.

The raw materials are imported from Europe and Japan by 80%, and the rest from Greece. They are all of excellent quality and meet all fabric standards.

• They are allergic-proof
• The Metallic threads used are coated with pure silver and gold in order to have durability in terms of vitality and shine
• Permanent dyes
• Certification of ETAKEI, CLOTEFI, Product Identity
• Dry Cleaning or washing up to 40*C
• Washing machine, spinning, and bleach use are not appropriate

Composition: 45% Polyester- 35% Metallic Yarn - 20% Rayon

Width: 61 inches (1.55 meters)

Please select the preferred colors from the options below. The prices given are for 40 inches (1 meter) length. The desired quantity should be updated when the fabric is added to the shopping cart.

Availability: Available, usually ships within 4 to 7 days.

Please choose one from the available options shown below:
Color Weight Price
Holy 1010.6$60.00USD $54.00USD
Holy 1020.6$60.00USD $54.00USD
Holy 1030.6$60.00USD $54.00USD
Holy 1040.6$60.00USD $54.00USD
Holy 1050.6$60.00USD $54.00USD
Holy 1060.6$60.00USD $54.00USD
Holy 1070.6$60.00USD $54.00USD
Holy 1080.6$60.00USD $54.00USD
Holy 1090.6$60.00USD $54.00USD
Holy 1100.6$60.00USD $54.00USD
Holy 1110.6$60.00USD $54.00USD
Holy 1120.6$60.00USD $54.00USD
Holy 1130.6$60.00USD $54.00USD
Holy 1140.6$60.00USD $54.00USD
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by Stephanie RankinDate Added: Tuesday 23 January, 2018

The material that I have received is very beautiful. God bless you, Stephanie Rankin


This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 22 March, 2017

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