Linens & Altar Covers

Altar cloths are designed using the best fabrics, high-quality galloons, and richly embroidered crosses from around the world. We have selected the highest quality mills producing the finest workmanship. 

A typical altar cover set includes a kalimata set (two chalice veils and an aer); an altar tablecloth; a Proskomedia Table (Table of Preparations) cloth; and an Analogion/Tetrapod tablecloth. Icon stand covers, Gospel Book covers, vestment covers and Communion cloths can be added to your order as needed.   

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Chrysovalandi Sideris

"...Firstly i would like to wish you kali hronia with good health.
I am sorry i have not replied sooner but i am now in greece and i have just now installed my internet i received the parcel 4 weeks ago in darwin i thankyou for your great help the kanthila was prepared very nicely and it was safely packaged thankyou. I hope i can use your website in the future .
kali hronia ..."

January 6, 2008