Orthodox Amulets

The Orthodox Amulet (filakto in Greek) has a long tradition in the Orthodox Church as through it springs protection and bliss for the wearer.

In Christianity, Amulets are usually small in shape and contain either sacred relics or a variety of different ecclesiastical materials such as pure wood or holy myrrh. Like a small good luck charm it prevents from evil and it is constantly used by the Christians. 

The handmade Orthodox Amulets of our collection include flowers from the Epitaph and cotton soaked in oil and myrrh of our Church.

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Mr. Stephen Gothard, USA

"...I wanted to reach out and thank you for all your assistance with my last order. The Hand Painted Icon of the Ascension arrived in great condition, and it was gifted to my friend yesterday. He absolutely loves it, and please let the artist know it is a stunning piece. Thank you again for everything, and I wish you a wonderful day. I look forward to working with you again, and have a happy new year!..."

December 26, 2022