Wooden Crosses

Explore our collection of hand made Wooden Crosses that includes Neck Crosses, Wall Crosses, Crosses with bases, and Blessing Crosses, all boasting unique designs inspired by the Christian tradition. 

The Cross is the ultimate symbol of our faith. Having a Cross around us is a timeless tradition, providing a sense of comfort, protection, and a constant reminder of our beliefs. Choose from our diverse range and bring the profound symbolism of the Cross into your daily life.

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Tiziano Trenti - Italy

"...I have just received your parcel with the Icons. The Pantanassa is really, really wonderful. I can not master my English enough to describe how beautiful it is and how much I love it! Of course, the other two icons are also beautiful, but now I am totally captured from the Pantanassa I have so much wished for. God bless you, and hope we can deal again soon. All the best, Tiziano ..."

May 5, 2004