Blessing Crosses

The Blessing Cross is a cross held by a priest or bishop in Eastern Christianity when he makes a blessing. It is often made of precious metal and can be decorated with enamel and precious or semi-precious stones. It may also have other images on it, such as the Virgin Mary, John the Baptist, the Four Evangelists or the Prophets.

Our Crosses are made by experienced craftsmen of 35 years of experience, passion and love for the cult art, who deliver responsible work and achievements of exceptional art. We make elegant crafts from 925 silver either with 24k gold plating or with platinum plating. The stones that decorate them are precious or semi-precious of high quality.

In addition, our catalog includes gold-plated Cross Bases with embossed or enamel details as well as Wooden Crosses of Blessing with the view of the Crucified and various engraved designs.

All crosses are accompanied by a luxury case.

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Sonya Finno

"...I'm glad I asked...I thought the icon looked like the picture on your website, with the framed appearance...I will place the order today and again, thank you for your patience. I will ask you one last request... please ask the iconographer to make this his most beautiful it is in memory of a beautiful person. It has been hard to decide on something that means so much, without seeing it in person...but you have been most helpful. I would like to remind you that we would need the icon by April 10th, so that it can be put in the church for Orthodox Good Friday. Lastly, since I will probably not be gracing your daily e-mails anymore...I want to say it was nice conversing with you and I wish you well. ..."

March 13, 2009