Ecclesiastical Carpets

The Ecclesiastical Carpets that decorate the interior of Holy Temples usually carry rich symbolism and are associated with the elevated spirituality of the congregation. Especially for Bishops, Ecclesiastical Carpets, beyond their functionality, offer a sense of protection and represent the grace of the Holy Spirit that has been given to them to celebrate the Holy Mysteries of the Church.

The Ecclesiastical Carpets of our collection provide a sense of propriety to all areas of the Holy Temple where priests and congregation gather to praise the Word of God. Consequently, the vibrant colors of the carpets, along with the durable threads they are made of, are resistant to heavy use. Additionally, they are easy to clean since they are washable.

The designs traditionally chosen for Ecclesiastical Carpets are inspired by Byzantine art, featuring main figures such as the Double-headed Eagle and Peacocks. These designs harmoniously complement the overall decoration of each church.

Saint Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Photo: Saint Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

You can choose between Classic Ecclesiastical Carpets, Runners for the corridors of the Holy Temple, as well as Sets of Ecclesiastical Carpets for the Altar.

All carpets in our catalog are antimicrobial, anti-allergic, and anti-static.

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Mr. Joe Farah, Canada

"...I received the carpet and I am very happy with it. Thank you very much for centering the cross on the carpet...."

July 18, 2023