Ecclesiastical Chalice Sets

Communion, the greatest spiritual moment of Christ offering and sharing Himself to Humanity; bread is a symbol for Jesus’ body and wine is a symbol for His blood.
The set includes
The Communion Cup, the oldest of the liturgical vessels, symbolizes the cup used in the Last Supper when Christ offered wine to his students. In this cup, water is mixed with wine. Older cups had the shape of a crater with a low foot or of a cup with or without handles. The post-Byzantine holy cups consist of three to four pieces.
The long spoon accompanies the Communion Cup to offer the Holy Communion. Its use since the early Christian years, was made universal from the 10th century.
The paten or diskos is a vessel where Holy Bread is placed for the Communion offering as well as for its preparation.
The lance, a small knife with a handle ending in a cross, is used for cutting the Holy Bread.
The asterisk is made of two strips of metal laid one on top of the other and joined in the center forming a cross. Placed on top of the paten, it prevents the cover from touching the Holy Bread.

The designs and the handmade production are according to Byzantine tradition. Can be produced in gold platted 24K, pure silver 950 or enamel.

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