Tabernacles - Holy Bread Boxes

The Tabernacles or Holy Bread Boxes is a special vessel in which Holy Bread is kept, immersed in the blood of the Divine Liturgy of Holy Thursday. These sanctified holy gifts of the body and blood of Christ are given on special occasions to Christians who cannot go to Church. The official Tabernacle of each Holy Temple is permanently placed on the Holy Table.

Our collection contains a wide variety of handmade Altar Tabernacles which can also be used as Relic Cases depending on the occasion.

You can find Altar Tabernacles in various designs, gold plated or silver plated, with details created by our experienced craftsmen.

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Rev. Fr. Andrew Anderson, Canada

"...I'm happy to report that the reliquary box has arrived safely at my home here in Canada. The box is beautiful and will serve in the holy altar at the Parish of St Gregory of Nyssa in Kingston for many years, Lord willing...."

August 19, 2023