Ecclesiastical Candelabrum

The Ecclesiastical Candelabrums are pieces of furniture made of metal or wood that are placed at the entrance of the Holy Temple to support candles lit by the faithful as a sign of reverence.

During the Byzantine period, they were called "dibaboula" because they supported two candles and were mainly used during processions in front of the King.

In our catalog, you can find Ecclesiastical Sand Candelabrums, both sliding and non-sliding, multi-lamp candelabrums with candle holders, and boxes for used candles.

All Candelabrums of this category are metal, made with knowledge and passion by our experienced craftsmen, ideal for the glory of God.

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Ms M. Williams

"...Dear OramaWorld Crew, I simply cannot find words to tell you how much we admire your excellent and very beautiful work. Father Francis is a quiet man yet when he unwrapped your gift (and indeed it is a gift) he expressed emphatically and with much admiration said, “We will keep this in the Church” and whoosh away The Chalice set went to be on the deacon’s table in the Altar area until class! He was more than pleased! With tears of joy I pray God’s Blessing on you during this Great Lent and forever. (Surely, I will return many times to browse oramaworld) Marion..."

March 2, 2016