Ecclesiastical Fans (Exapterigo)

The Ecclesiastical Fans (Exapteriga) derive their name from the six wings of the Seraphim depicted on them. Specifically, they are large metal disks mounted on poles with relief representations of the order of Seraphim angels. They are used in processions and inside Holy Temples, symbolizing the invisible presence of angels during the Divine Liturgy.

Below, you can find a large collection of gold-plated Ecclesiastical Fans with intricate designs. They are decorated with carved patterns and varnished to maintain their shine.

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Bessie Bicos

"...Dear OramaWorld: I just received the icon of Άγιος Δημήτριος that I ordered. I want to extend my heartfelt thank you for such a beautiful creation. It arrived in time for my Godson's baptism and I'm so proud to give this to him as a gift. I pray this year and all the coming years are filled with many blessings to you - to all of Greece. At this point, it appears the whole world needs it. We must keep the faith. Thank you again. Βασιλική Μβικου...."

September 3, 2016