Macrame Bracelets

The Macrame Bracelets of our collection are a unique synthesis of the Christian faith with the aesthetics of handmade jewelry. Each of these Macrame Bracelets is created with love and skill, using high quality rope that withstands everyday use.

Each bracelet bears a metal representation of Saints, offering protection and empowerment to its owner. The intricate knots of the Macrame technique create a unique design that expresses spirituality and faith, making each bracelet a beloved jewelry and spiritual object.

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Constance Plomaritis-Sanchez

"...I received the 3 pins today in the mail which I recently ordered, and I would like to thank you very much for such beautiful items!!! I live in Texas and we have a small Greek community and Greek Orthodox church. I have to wait until November when we have our annual Greek Festival before I can purchase items such as these, and so I was so happy to have been able to order these without even leaving my home!! I have also placed an order for several icons for my children. I look forward to receiving them in the near future...."

September 09, 2003