Baptismal Crosses

The Sacrament of Baptism is a rite of admission and adoption into the Christian Church, the official entry of the new-born into a new spiritual world accompanied by name-giving. The godmother or godfather is the person who has to shoulder the responsibility of becoming the spiritual parent for the rest of his/her life. The symbol of the union between the godmother or godfather and the godchild is the Baptismal Cross—a gift that has both a symbolic and emotional value and is intended for long-term use.

For this special occasion, we are delighted to present our new collection of Baptismal Crosses/Pendants for boys and girls. Timeless pieces that your godchild will wear as he or she grows up. 

In addition, you can find Chains for Baptismal Cross as well as Baptismal Gifts for Boys and Girls.

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Ms. Althea Rutty, USA

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March 9, 2023