Mount Athos Frankincense

The historic sacred Koutloumousiano cell of “Great Holy Virgin Mary – Megalis Panagias” which was dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is located 1.5 km southeast of Koutloumousiou Monastery, in Mount Athos. You may read more in our blog...

Nowdays, in the sacred cell of Holy Virgin lives Elder Evlogios with his disciple. The fathers effort is the restoration of the cell, as the situation in which they received the cell was tragic because it was abandoned for over 50 years. From the main building volume of the cell survives only the half-ruined church, leading the monks to live in an outbuilding area of ​​100 sqm, which has been refurbished with great effort.

Today the main concern of the monks is the construction of a church (in the name of St. Parthenius) to serve their duties as it does not work the main temple. The road to restoration of the cell is long and laborious. But Virgin Mary – Benefactress has proved all this time from the entrance of the fathers to the cell that is the housekeeper and leader to redo her home.

In order to enhance this effort, the monks of the cell prepare with love pure frankincense named "ATHONIKON", which they offer through Oramaworld. We invite you to support their efforts in the restoration by trying their incense and becoming benefactors of the cell.

The available fragrances are:

14 of Premium Quality: Amber, Basil, Bethlehem, Byzantine, Cherubim, Desert Flower, Holy Night, Jasmine, Jerusalem, Last Supper, Lilac, Mhrrh, Night Flower, Tear

19 of Quality A: Annunciation, Axion Esti, Blessing, Byzantine, Carnation, Cypress, Eden, Gardenia, Gazia, Hyacinth, Jasmine, Lemon, Nard, Nefeli, Night Flower, Pine, Poppy, Rose, Violet

Moreover, we have selected 6 of the Premium Quality fragrances and made a special Gift Boxset, that you can select from the collection below and send to your beloved ones.
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Joyce Keigher, USA

"...It took a while but my order came today and I'm thrilled! Worth waiting for. I ordered a beautiful brass tong to hold charcoal for my incense burner and some frankincense rose incense that just smells fabulous. ..."

June 29, 2020