Byzantine Art Wooden Icons

Byzantine art developed in the Roman Empire and later in the Byzantine Empire, with religiosity as its main characteristic. With the rise of Christianity, the Byzantine style was established as a purely religious art aimed at evoking religious emotion.

Types of Byzantine art include miniatures, murals, silkscreens, mosaics, and portable icons.

In our catalog, you will find the most complete collection of Byzantine icons, which are printed on glossy paper and pasted on wood in a special style. The carved icons are decorated with gold leaf like the hagiographies.

Below, you will find Byzantine icons by great hagiographers representing Christ, the Virgin Mary, the saints, as well as New Testament themes. All icons are available in different sizes.

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Rev. Fr. John Slavin, USA

"...Greetings in Christ! I received the beautiful Icon of Elijah and it’s hanging now in our church thank you!..."

August 10, 2023