Wooden Icons

Wooden Icons are the most common and cherished category of Icons, serving as central focal points for religious veneration in many Orthodox Christian homes and churches. These Icons, crafted by renowned hagiographers, typically depict sacred themes such as Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the Saints. Each Icon is a masterpiece that reflects the deep spiritual tradition and artistic heritage of Orthodox Christianity.

In this section, you will find the most comprehensive collection of Wooden Icons available on the internet. Our selection includes Icons inspired by Byzantine and Nazarene art, known for their intricate detail and profound symbolism. Each Icon is available in various sizes, ensuring you can find the perfect piece to fit your space, whether for personal devotion or as a meaningful gift. Our Wooden Icons are not only beautiful works of art but also spiritual tools that bring a sense of the divine into your daily life.

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Mother Rebecca Tankersley, USA

"...Dear friends, I am ordering this icon of St. James. I have been so pleased with your work in the past and have come to rely on you for such things!..."

May 24, 2018