Silk Printed Icons

Silk-printed icons represent an almost unknown aspect of Orthodox iconography, as they developed in parallel with wall paintings and portable icons. The beginning of Orthodox printmaking is estimated in the 17th century. The prints were made to be circulated in the Orthodox communities of the areas under Ottoman dominion. They represent holy figures, religious scenes, and panoramic views of monasteries and churches, often featuring the patron saints and scenes from the saints’ lives. The prints include inscriptions that mention the names of their creators, who are sometimes identified as the print-makers (stampadourous), or in other cases, as their sponsors. One plate used to produce thousands of replica prints, which  were made on paper or silk. These prints were distributed to pilgrims during the holy celebrations of the monasteries and churches, thereby making the depicted scenes widely known.

Father Pefkis, a qualified hagiographer of the Athoniados Ecclesiastical Academy in Agion Oros on the famous Mount Athos, created unique icons that are accurate reproductions of the strict Byzantine style (Cretan School - Theophanis) using traditional colors and gold leaf on canvas and aged wood. All the icons come with a certificate on the back and are packaged in a classy hard-paper box, making them ideal for a memorable gift.

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Bessie Bicos

"...Dear OramaWorld: I just received the icon of Άγιος Δημήτριος that I ordered. I want to extend my heartfelt thank you for such a beautiful creation. It arrived in time for my Godson's baptism and I'm so proud to give this to him as a gift. I pray this year and all the coming years are filled with many blessings to you - to all of Greece. At this point, it appears the whole world needs it. We must keep the faith. Thank you again. Βασιλική Μβικου...."

September 3, 2016