Wood Carved Iconostasis (new)

In Christianity, the iconostasis is the place where the Holy Icons are gathered, either in the temple or in the house of every Christian. The iconostasis evolved into the form we know today from the Byzantine temple and mirrors the Temple of Jerusalem in terms of function.

This sacred place is intended for the worship of God and there are usually hanging icons of the Virgin Mary, Christ, St. John the Baptist, and the Patron Saint of each church.

The wood-carved iconostases in our collection are constructed of high-quality wood with detailed depictions of faces, and they include either a hanging or a fixed glass candle. They are ideal for home use with wall mounting.

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Mr. Joseph Cassar, Malta

"...I thank you and I am very pleased with the icon I bought which is of very high artistic quality. OramaWorld offers an excellent service which I highly recommend...."

March 5, 2022