Saints - Silver Icons Small Size

The Holy Fathers provide us with the main interpretation of the Scriptures, as they possess the Enlightenment of the Holy Spirit to interpret them correctly. Their teachings have been reverently followed by the faithful throughout the centuries, and through their miracles, they offer protection to the believers.

In the following collection, you can find Silver Icons of Saints of our Church, crafted in detail from pure silver 950 with carved details. These icons are available in light or dark wooden frames of small size. Each Silver Icon has been specially processed to maintain its luster and quality over time.

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Fr. Simeon

"...I also should send compliments to your workshop on the Enameled Candili that I ordered back in 2010. It is perfect for our iconostasis, it is not too heavy and the damage that was being done by a four candili lamp has ceased. All of the parish council and the parishioners who noticed the change have commented on the beauty of the enamelwork and noted that it truly suits its place above the Holy Doors on the iconostasis...."

April 4, 2011