Diptychs - Silver Icons

The Icon is a means of expression for the faithful as through them the spiritual communication with the person they praise is achieved.

The images of this category consist of two (diptychs) or even three (triptychs) parts of different representations and sizes. Choose from the many combinations of illustrations the one that suits you.

All the silver images in our collection will keep their shine thanks to the special treatment submitted by our experienced craftsmen, while the colorful frame made of high quality wood makes them keep their quality over time.

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Ross Cooper

"...Well, after I had sent my first message earlier today, I returned home and found a very large parcel left at my doorstep! So the icon arrived, and in perfect shape... there may have been some delay due to U.S. Customs, as the documents pouch seems to have been inspected. The icon is wonderfully beautiful - I had not expected such a fine piece for such a small price. It is indeed a work of art, and a worthy tribute to the Holy New-Martyr Angelis! Thank you again for your concern and help. I am very glad that the package arrived, and I am sorry if it caused you any trouble. Thank you again, for excellent service and for this beautiful icon! ..."

April 02, 2003