Woodcarving is an art related to top creations and expressions of religious craftmanship. Particularly famous and anonymous craftmen have given us, in a number of fine works, their entire artistic spontaneity, all the power source of their sensitivity and the maturity of their objectives. They have achieved a great work that manages to survive over time.

The wood is fragile and perishable material from many enemies, fire, water, caries, etc. That is why they have not been saved until these days ancient woodwork. But it is certain that woodcarving is ancient art. Woodcarved projects in churches exists since the 16th century (doors of churches, temples, church furniture ...)or even older. But mostly the 18th century has been noted the strong development of wood-carving, due to social upheavals, population growth and economic prosperity.

Our collection intends to make known the art in this current era.
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Wilbur Calo, Philippines

"...Dear OramaWorld We have received the goods we ordered from your store. And we are very satisfied with them. The Icons were made wonderfully, and adds to the beauty of our Icon corner. Please send our highest regards to your iconographers! We hope to make further purchases in the future. Thank you very much, again. May God prosper you! Yours Truly, Wilbur (Matthias)..."

November 12, 2016