Byzantine Icons

The word Icon is derived from the Greek Eikon, meaning an image. Byzantine Icons are popularly known as the art of Eastern Orthodox Christianity (that is, the branch of Christianity which is peculiar to Byzantium, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Jordan, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Russia). But they are also much more. Graphically, they illustrate religious or patriotic stories from the Bible, the Chronicle, the lives (zhitie) of saints and other Christian sources. Byzantine Icons are both images of a more perfect world which Christians believe is present in or behind the world we can sense, and objects of prayer and veneration.
Byzantine Icons were, and still are, created for prayer and liturgical use in the church and for personal prayers at home or in travel. Byzantine Icons often were so beautifully and skillfully made, that they also have attracted the attention of private collectors and museums. Byzantine Icons can be seen in churches and museums all over the world today.
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In our collection you can find Holy Byzantine Icons exact replicate of Byzantine art, which subjects are taken from originals in museums, monasteries and private collections.
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