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OramaWorld.com is the oldest Orthodox Christian online store that provides quality hand-crafted religious items inspired from Orthodox tradition and Byzantine art. With more than 60 years of industry experience in producing hand-crafted ecclesiastical goods, we are proud to have served online clients in over 80 countries around the world, since the turn of the previous century. You may read here what our customers said for our offerings!

Our name comes from the word "orama" (meaning vision in Greek) and "world" to convey our vision to serve all Christians around the globe with quality handcrafted religious goods. Our symbol, the double-headed eagle looking both East and West, is the emblem of Byzantium and Orthodox Christianity. While an eagle can see far away, further than any other creature, a double-headed eagle sees everything; it symbolizes foresight, wisdom and prophesying, as mentioned in the writings of Christian Holy Fathers.

In our effort to offer the finest products available and provide a unique online shopping experience, we affiliate with the best workshops of ecclesiastical items and monasteries in South-Eastern Europe. Our craftsmen and iconographers are crafting and painting with love and great respect for the Orthodox tradition and Byzantine art. Check out our video where one of our craftsmen handcrafts a chalice set with enamel.

Since our online foundation, we were blessed to support the development of unique web services for the Christian world:
- World Orthodox Directory, launched in 2006, is the most complete online directory of worldwide Orthodox heritage, presence, and community service activities.
The directory includes more than 15,000 listings of monasteries, churches, cathedrals, chapels, missions, sketes, orphanages, nursing-homes, museums, schools, and seminaries from over 70 countries.
- Lighten a Church, a service that brings together priests or parish councils who need goods for their church and donors who are willing to support, and
- Light a Candle, a service that allows us to light a virtual candle in memory of the departed as well as for the health of our beloved ones!

OramaWorld is a proud Festival Partner and Sponsor to Byzanfest!

Byzanfest 2021 Byzanfest 2022 Byzanfest 2023

Last, but not least, we would be happy to hear your inquiries, comments and suggestions. You may use the online chat form, or contact us at info@oramaworld.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Lilian Contarini
Customer Service Manager

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